Power of Analytical Intelligence

Translate ever-increasing amount of data into actionable business intelligence to minimize risk, maximize profits, increase operation efficiency and gain competitive advantage

Our Recognitions

  • Received start-up India recognition from Government of India
  • Recognized as one of the 50 emerging start-ups in India by the CEO Magzine
  • Now a Microsoft BizSpark Network Partner

Data unfolds stories and we write them!

Optimal use of risk capital with efficient processes and right analytics. Advanced Risk Analytics provides all the tools to quantify the risk and assess them in minutes.

Data Management

Integrate,Visualize, Manage, Secure

Business demands information fast, detailed and well analyzed. We help you unleash the power of your enterprise data. Our data management techniques give you the exact information at your fingertips absolutely customized for your needs.


Image Processing, Machine learning, Modelling

We quantify the risk to qualify the assessment of the risk capital. We provide intelligent analytics by using machine learning, image processing, statistical modelling and many advanced techniques.


Scalable Architecture

Save time with our high performance computing platform and get results within minutes. Cloud-ready architecture allows efficient use of Microsoft Azure's cloud-burst technology to host application in-house while using Azure during peak period.

Risk Assessment Framework

Big Data, Data Science, Data Visualization

As data evolves it requires open, flexible and customized visual intelligence to assess risk. With our flexible dashboard interface you spend less time waiting and utilize more time to analyze risk.

GIS & Image Processing

Advanced data for evolved estimates

Better exposure data will increase the confidence in the loss results and ability of (re)insurers to place large lines. Augment the exposures with detailed primary and secondary features using our Remote Sensing and Image Processing techniques.

Stastistical Modelling

Earthquake Risk and Vulnerability Modellings

Estimation of possible future losses to buildings from earthquakes is a fundamental necessity of insurance and reinsurance industries. Our fully probablistic hazard and vulnerability model allow you to better quantify the risk with increased confidence.


Consultancy solutions for your business needs
  • Exposure Data Quality and Risk Engineering
  • Model Evaluation and Develop "Own view of Risk"
  • Software Integration and Workflow Automation
  • Analytical Services